A 70-Year-Old Woman from The UK Wins the Lottery and Will Get £10,000 Every Month for The Next 30 Years

A 70-Year-Old Woman from The UK Wins the Lottery

A 70-year-old woman from Dorking, England, won a lottery for the next 30 years’ worth 10,000 Pounds roughly 10.37 lakhs. Doris Stanbridge will receive the sum every month for the next many years. Ms. Stanbridge has stated that her victory has motivated her to live at the age of 100.

Ms. Stanbridge celebrated her 70th birthday by purchasing a ten-thousand-pound lottery ticket. She revealed that she was at home with her three girls when she won. She discovered some money spiders in the house and yard and used the creepy crawlies as an excuse to purchase a set-for-life ticket through the app.

Mrs. Stanbridge Got an Email from The National Lottery Over the Weekend

Mrs. Stanbridge got an email from the National Lottery over the weekend. She got onto the app and assumed she had won ten pounds. “Congratulations, you’ve won 10,000 pounds a month for 30 years,” the email said.

Mrs Stanbridge couldn’t believe her luck, so she went to her son-in-law’s for a second opinion. Doris poured a bottle of her birthday Champagne to celebrate her fantastic win. The next morning, she received formal confirmation from The National Lottery.

“It still seems a bit strange when I think about the win and that I will get that money every month for 30 years. It gives me a reason to be around until I am 100!” Mrs Stanbridge told National Lottery.

Mrs. Stanbridge and Her Husband Keith Treated Themselves to A New Bed and an Air Fryer After Spending a Delightful Vacation in Cornwall with Their Extended Family

Mrs. Stanbridge and her husband Keith treated themselves to a new bed and an air fryer after spending a delightful vacation in Cornwall with their extended family.

The happy couple also want to renovate their 50-year-old home and cannot wait to take their family on a vacation abroad. “It will be my grandson’s first flight,” Mrs Stanbridge remarked. I’ve been looking at a country villa with a pool and constant sunshine!”

Mars Stanbridge won the Set For Life draw on Thursday 3rd August after matching all of the winning numbers that night: 2, 11, 17, 30, 38, and Life Ball 3, according to a National Lottery announcement.

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