A Job Posting with Unlimited Benefits at A Singapore Restaurant Impresses the Internet

A Job Posting with Unlimited Benefits

A recent job posting by a Singapore restaurant offering a variety of bonuses and incentives, as well as competitive pay, piqued the interest of Indians.

‘A recruitment poster outside a restaurant here in SGP. Look at the perks”, said the message, accompanied by a photo of the ad shared by a prominent Twitter account. Ajumma’s Korean Restaurant, a fast-casual diner in Singapore, has a job opportunity for kitchen crew and service employees.

Part-time employees will be paid $10 – $15 per hour, while full-time service staff will be paid $2750-$3300 monthly. Staff allowance, annual raises, leaves, medical benefits, health benefits, health examination subsidies, twice-yearly bonuses, yearly sponsored dental benefits, monthly revenue incentive bonuses, additional insurance coverage, referral bonuses, meal provisions, and sponsorships for employees’ study courses are among the employee benefits.

Internet Users Were Thrilled by The Benefits, And Some Even Said It Was Better Than Typical Corporate Employment

Internet users were thrilled by the benefits, and some even said it was better than a typical corporate employment. Others argued about the incentives provided in India, while others said that Singapore’s high cost of living warranted higher earnings.

”Better than a corporate job haha,” one person replied, while another said, ”Itne benefits to yahan MNCs bhi nahi deti.”

”Difference: In other countries, companies have to attract people to join them, said a third. For every 10 job openings, they only receive 8 CVs. In India, people are willing to work for free initially, or even pay to be an intern at some big companies, in the hope of getting a job after a year. For every 10 low-skill job openings, companies receive 20 CVs. Overpopulation is our problem.”

”This is what a good company is, actually caring about their employees,” wrote a fourth.

”We see them as perks coz we don’t find them being offered here. They see them as their minimum responsibility towards their employees.” Fifth said.

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