A Man Gets Pushed Off a Plane After an Argument with The Crew Over Cabin Storage

A Man Gets Pushed Off a Plane After an Argument

According to the independent, a passenger on American Airlines aircraft was forced off the plane following a heated dispute with a member of the cabin staff about the amount of bags maintained in the overhead storage bins. A video of the incident was published on Reddit.

Guy freaks out over overhead storage on flight and gets himself kicked off plane
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The Man, who was wearing a yellow t-shirt and had his hair top knot, was caught on camera repeatedly saying, “there’s no space” when another passenger reportedly left their bags above him and then took their seat “This guy put his luggage up here, now we don’t have any space. He’s got no space.” The passenger stated in the video. He’s got no space.” As additional passengers boarded the plane, he continued to say the same thing.

“He’s got no space. Look. This refers to a person sitting across the aisle who looked to have just boarded. To resolve the situation, a male member of the cabin crew approaches the upset customer. He then requests that the man “Sir, I’m going to ask one more time. You need to stop with this whole luggage situation,” the flight attendant stated, pointing his finger in the passenger’s face.

Although the video did not show the guy being asked to disembark, an executive can be seen asking a co-passenger if she had any intentions to continue the journey without him, as he was spotted exiting the airplane.

What People Commented On Reddit

“The finger-pointing wasn’t nearly as upsetting as his hair,” one person said.

“Imagine threatening a flight attendant that your going to call the police because they pointed their finger at you for causing an unnecessary ruckus,” a second individual commented.

“People severely underestimate the amount of authority flight attendants have within the plane,” third person commented.

“Imagine being the guy-responsible for the situation you’re complaining about-that gets you ejected from the flight,” one user added.

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