A Passenger Books an Uber Ride In San Francisco And Gets Picked Up by A Self-Driving Car

A Passenger Books an Uber Ride In San Francisco

A customer recently described an event in which he was picked up by a driverless car after he requested an Uber trip. He posted a video of his encounter, displaying the view from the car’s backseat. Meanwhile, the front passenger seat is unoccupied, and the steering wheel is moving on its own. A tablet attached to the back of the passenger seat displays several prompts. Inside the car, audio prompts with directions may also be heard.

Getting a Uber in San Francisco be like…
by u/Osobady in Damnthatsinteresting

The Title of The Video States, ”Getting an Uber In San Francisco Is Like…”

The title of he video states, ”Getting an Uber in San Francisco is like…”

“Lol, when I was a teen, video calls were sci-fi stuff only seen in a few movies, and here we are with ‘automatic taxis’ feeling old,” one person said.

‘To unlock doors, please pay the release fee now.”  Joked another.

“Scary. No thank you,” Thjird said.

”Objectively speaking, The human drivers are just as scary or worse.” The fourth one said.

Bill Gates Rode a Self-Driving Car Through Downtown London

Bill Gates, the computer mogul, rode a self-driving car through downtown London a few months ago and was persuaded that autonomous vehicle are the future. ”The car drove us around downtown London, which is one of the most challenging driving environments imaginable, and it was a bit surreal to be in the car as it dodged all the traffic,” Mr. Gates described his experience in a blog post.

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