A Russian Woman Saves a Baby Panther After Mistaking It for A Cat

A Russian Woman Saves a Baby Panther

A Russian woman mistook a stranded newborn black panther by the side of the road for a household cat and rescued it. She raised it at home, but as it grew, she realized it was panther. The video of her rescuing and caring for the panther became popular on social media, demonstrating the woman’s the panther’s, and her companion dog’s remarkable attachment.


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The video begins with the lady discovering the panther and bringing it home to care for it. As it grows, she realizes it is a black panther. The video also emphasizes the woman’s unusual relationship with the panther and her dog.

This fascinating video was submitted by @luna_the_pantera and shared on Instagram by @factmayor. It was published on September 21.

Since Being Shared It Has Received Over 9.1 Million Views and Over 14 Lakh Likes

Since being shared, it has received over 9.1 million views and over 14 lakh likes, as well as countless comments expressing surprise and admiration.

According to one user, “The poor baby wouldn’t have made it if she hadn’t picked it up.”

Another user said, “Thank goodness it was raised with a dog; it learned the ‘good boi’ protocols.”

“Bless you for bringing up Luna. I hope the three of you live a very happy life together, “the third user said

“Imagine breaking into a house, thinking the worst you could find is a guard dog, and then you come face to face with a panther, a fourth user joked.

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