A US Journalist Makes a Live Television Proposal to A News Anchor’s Girlfriend

A US Journalist Makes a Live Television Proposal to A News Anchor's Girlfriend

A wonderful moment was broadcast live on a TV channel in Tennessee, US, and it astounded internet users. A video of the proposal went viral on Instagram, showing the news anchor getting the biggest surprise of her life when her colleague and now fiancé chose to propose to her during a live programme.

Cornelia Nicholson, NBC affiliate WRCB-TV’s new anchor, was reading a news report as normal when the focus shifted to her. Riley Nagel, her boyfriend and fellow journalist, suddenly walked on the scene holding a flower and a ring. He got down on the knee and asked Ms. Nicholson to marry him, and she answered yes with tears in her yes

“I have a very special report, for people at home, who don’t know, Cornelia and I met in Montana, at a news station almost four years ago. And, when I first met you, I was very drawn to you. You have such an amazing personality, you are so bright, and you always light up the room when you come in and make everyone laugh,” Riley Nagel said when proposing to Cornelia Nicholson.

This Has Gone Viral On the Internet

One person commented on the lovely proposal, saying, ”And how considerate to him to do this while you’re in full glam, good lighting, nails are done! what a dream!!!! love to see it.”

”FINALLY ON TO FOREVER! Congratulations to you both! Y’all are still a dream team couple for the books!” another person commented.

”Just so beautiful!!!!!! I love how both of you guys were nervous..so cute! Made it even more special. So happy for you and congratulations.” The third person said.

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