American Guy Breaks Chin-Up World Record with 1,010 Reps in One Hour

American Guy Breaks Chin-Up World Record

A 45-year-old guy from Colorado, USA, demonstrated his physical strength by breaking the Guinness World Record for the most chin-ups accomplished in one hour. Frank Sagona completed 1010 chin-ups in the allocated time, breaking Stephen Hyland’s previous record of 993, which had stood since 2011.

Multiple others have attempted to beat Stephen’s record over the last decade, but none have been successful until today, according to Guinness World Records. The regulations of the record require an underhand grip and good form throughout, with the body elevated until the chin is above the height of the bar, then dropped until the arms are straight.

This is the ultimate test of strength and mind over matter,” stated Frank.

Frank’s Chin-Up Effort Was Hampered by an Unforeseen Setback When He Suffered a Muscle Injury in His Back Only One Day Before Trying the Record

Frank’s chin-up effort was hampered by an unforeseen setback when he suffered a muscle injury in his back only one day before trying the record. The injury hampered his respiration and caused him pain from the start of the effort.

“Where I usually take full breaths, I could only take three-quarters of a breath,” he stated.

“I felt out of breath until the 44-minute mark. I then started feeling like I could actually do it. My injury slowed my chin up and down. I actually vomited right after the event.”

Frank Began Working for World Records More Than a Decade Ago

Frank began working for World Records more than a decade ago. Surprisingly, he does not lift weights, instead, he works out in his garden, focusing on bodyweight exercises like push-ups and chin-ups

“Just my own body and a bar,” Frank explained. “No fancy equipment, no trainers; just my kids and me.”

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