Bodybuilder Calls Karate a “Scam” and Challenges Master; Here’s What Happens

Bodybuilder Calls Karate a "Scam" and Challenges Master


Patty, also known as natypaties on Instagram, challenged a karate teacher to a fight in order to establish that karate is a hoax. He videotaped the entire episode. Patty stated in the video’s introduction that he had trained himself so thoroughly that he was more powerful than any martial arts master. After practicing at the gym, he declared himself “untouchable” and challenged the karate teacher to a battle. The karate instructor agreed on the condition that if he lost, he would give Patty the keys to his studio.


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Patty posted the video to his Instagram account with the comment, “Bodybuilder vs. Karate Master: Who Wins?”

Patty is seen in the video unleashing hard punches and kicks at the karate instructor. The karate expert, on the other hand, deftly dodges all of Patty’s blows and responds with rapid and accurate punches.

Within seconds, the karate master knocks Patty to the ground and pins him. Patty is plainly beaten and gives up.

The Video Quickly Went Viral with Many People Complimenting the Karate Instructor for his Abilities and Humility

The video quickly went viral, with many people complimenting the karate instructor for his abilities and humility. Patty has also been chastised for his arrogance and lack of respect for martial arts.

“Dude straight up challenged the guy who instructed a proper armed force; bro, there is a difference between bravery and plain stupidity,” said a  user

“He said, No problem; do whatever you want. The most humbling words to date,” remarked another user.

“The biggest plot twist, bro. I was cheering for you, but at the end I was laughing,” a third person remarked.

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