Buck Drowns to Escape Dog’s Jaws – Watch Video Here

Buck Drowns to Escape Dog's Jaws

A new video portraying a spectacular battle between a buck and a wild dog in the African Bush has been spreading on social media, in accordance with the principles of ecosystem dynamics. This YouTube video clearly depicts the buck’s miraculous escape from the gasps of the wild dog.

The video was published by Latest Sightings with the title, “Desperate Buck Tries Drowning Wild Dog to Escape.”

“It all began with a lone wild dog chasing a female Nyala. However, the Nyala was not ready to give in just yet and swiftly outsmarted the dog. She jumped into the dam and managed to get out of harm’s way for now,” the YouTube channel noted in the caption.

The One-Month-Old Video Has Received Over 6.5 Lakh Views and Over 2,000 Likes

The one-month-old video has received over 6.5 lakh views and over 2,000 likes. A few folks shared their thoughts in the video’s comments area.

“All things considered, this buck was very lucky to have encountered a single wild dog that day. Had it encountered the whole pack, well,” one user said.

“When the dog got a grip on the buck’s neck, it must have thought it was over, but the buck still managed to drag it into the water. It was good to see the buck come out on top for a change,” another person said.

“In a tense moment of primal instinct, the wild dog fights for air while the buck fights for freedom. This gripping encounter showcases the lengths to which animals will go to ensure their survival,” a third person said.

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