Dog Easily Skimboards Through the Water – Watch Video Here

Dog Easily Skimboards Through the Water

A video of a dog named Rufus expertly riding a skimboard has received a lot of attention from social media users. Skimboarding is a water activity in which a person rides a skimboard, which is a smaller, thinner version of a surfboard, along the edge of shallow water, usually at the beach.

The video, which was posted on the Bull Terrier-themed Instagram account @minibullrufus, shows Rufus smoothly gliding across the water’s surface.


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The Performance of Rufus’s Skimboarding Talents Has Fascinated People

The performance of Rufus’s skimboarding talents has fascinated people, demonstrating this canine’s extraordinary powers and agility.

“I know dogs love doing funny stuff like their humans, but how do you even get started on this kind of training? Did your dog just look at you and say, Oh, that’s cool; let me chase that board and jump on top?” a user said.

“This is the coolest thing I’ve seen a dog learn or love. 1. Skimboarding; 2. Skateboarding 3. Surfing,” another one commented

Dogs with The Correct Temperament and Training Can Learn to Skimboard

The dogs with the correct temperament and training can learn to skimboard alongside their humans. Typically the dog will rush onto the skimboard as it is placed into the shallow water, and the board will glide across the water’s surface with the dog on it. It necessitates a proper balance between the dog and the owner, as well as some collaboration between the two.

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