Langur Using Computer at West Bengal Railway Office

Langur Using Computer at West Bengal Railway Office

A video which was shared on Facebook, shows a Langur sitting in front of a computer, sifting through papers and pretending to type. It is seen mimicking the activities of a human sitting at a desk, whom it may have witnessed using the keyboard at some time. This unique incident occurred at the West Bengal Railway Station Enquiry Office, according to the post’s description.

People are seen gathered around the monkey in the video, admiring it as it goes about what it does. They may be heard laughing at the scenario and appreciating the monkey’s antics.

The Short Clip Has Received Over 3,000 Views and Many Likes

The short clip has received over 3,000 views and many likes since it was uploaded. Users responded with laughing emojis and humorous remarks in the comments area.

“Wow, talk about an efficient and tech-savvy langur!” one user said.


“Hence proved! They are our ancestors,” said a third user

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