Influencer Linda Andrade’s Expensive $2 Million Shopping Binge Spree Sparks Controversy

Linda Andrade's Expensive $2 Million Shopping

Linda Andrade, a well known social media influencer, frequently posts lavish videos on her social media, including shopping extravaganzas, high end purses, and luxury Jewellery, all from the prespective of a “wife of a milionaire”


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The 24 year old wife of a Dubai millionaire, who has frequently draws fire from social media users for her videos depicting a luxury lifestyle and costly shopping sprees, has generated controversy yet again. This time, its because she admitted to spending more than $2 million of her husband’s money on shopping in a single week.

According to the New York Post, a TikTok video chronicling her extravagant shopping binge has received over 580,000 views. She allegedly married a super-rich Dubai-based forex and crypto tycoon named Ricky Andrade while she was only 19 years old.

“I don’t have any shame in flaunting a gold-digger aesthetic,” Andrade, 23, told The New York Post of her extravagant spending.

This “Original Dubai Housewife,” Is A Social Media Celebrity Who Flaunts Her Lavish Lifestyle to Almost 600,000 Followers

Linda Andrade, commonly known as the “Original Dubai Housewife,” is a social media celebrity who flaunts her lavish lifestyle to almost 600,000 followers. She allegedly opted to squander $2.5 million in a week in her latest and most controversial footage, according to a tape making the rounds online.

According to the Post, the exorbitant spending was broken down into a $1,411,008 deposit, $356,214 on shopping, $229,141 in cash, $7,210 on chocolate, $201,200 in gold, $52,210 in “fun money,” and $216,789 on a “random Wednesday,” evoking some kind of perverse credit card ad for the super-rich.

People Accused Her of Inflating Her Shopping Binge in Order to Seek Attention and Fame On Social Media

Linda’s excessive affluence was not well received by the online community, and it sparked outrage among many social media users. They accused her of inflating her shopping binge in order to seek attention and fame on social media.

“How do you have infinite money like this, bro?” one person said.

“This is not a flex. This is a waste,” another user said.

“I cry when I spend $10 at McDonald’s,” a third person said.

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