A Viral Video Shows a Man Cycling While Carrying a Refrigerator On His Head

Man Cycling While Carrying a Refrigerator On His Head

An Instagram video of a man riding while balancing what seems to be a fridge on his sparked a lot of curiosity online. In the video posted by @barstoolsports, we witness a man cycling through city streets while holding a common domestic appliance on his head. The video’s caption states “NYC [New York City] is different man”. The caption declares, “Strongest neck in the world.”


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The Viral Video Has Gotten Over 7 Million Views

So far, the viral video has gotten over 7 million views. The comment area has burst with various sorts of comments. While some were taken aback by the achievement, others cracked some amusing remarks. Some others believe the video is a hoax.

“This can’t be real? That’s insane”.

“No chance that’s real”.

“Seems to be defying the basic laws of physics”.

“How did he even get it on his head in the first place?”

“Dude got that Kurt Angle neck strength”.

“How brain freeze started”.

“The circus needs to recruit this man ASAP”.

“Great way to stay in shape”.

“Wish my relationship was as strong as his neck”.

“It’s gotta be cake”.

“Is this the same guy who balanced a couch on his head???”

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