Python Hides Behind Photo Frame Hanging in Australia Home

Python Hides Behind Photo Frame Hanging in Australia Home

Snakes are among the most terrifying creatures in the world. However, their extraordinary skills make them interesting creatures. Residents of an Australian home were horrified recently when a snake was discovered lying beneath a photo frame in their living room. A carpet Python can be seen creeping under the photo frame in the terrifying video uploaded by snake-catching and reptile relocation organization Sunshine Coast Snake Catcher 24/7. The snake, according to the snake rescuer Dan Rumsey.

The People of the House Exclaimed as They Watched the Snake Be Removed

The people of the house exclaimed as they watched the snake be removed “Alright so, behind (the artwork) – oh there it is. It’s decided to come out that way,” Mr. Rumsey continues. As Mr. Rumsey tilts the picture, the snake’s head can be seen behind it.  “Maybe if I just give it a bit of a tickle, I just don’t want the painting to drop,” the rescuer continues.

He then keeps the frame on the back of the sofa before lowering it to the floor. Meanwhile, the reptile is wrapping itself around the frame. The snake catcher quickly snatches the snake and exclaims, “There we go. that makes my life a bit easier.”

Carpet Pythons Are Non-Venomous Snakes Found in Australia

Carpet pythons are non-venomous snakes found in Australia, Indonesia, and New Guinea. They lack fangs and instead “have numerous sharp recurved teeth designed for holding onto prey,” according to the Snake Catchers website.

The Video Has Received Several Comments On Social Media Since It Was Uploaded

“I’m starting to think Florida and Australia in competition with these snakes popping up everywhere,” one person said.

“How strong is that picture hook!!” said another user

“My daughter would’ve kept it as her pet,” a third commenter commented.

It just wanted to be in the picture of things,” said another.

“I’m not okay with all these snakes showing up in peoples attics, toilets and photos on my feed now that I commented on freakin Tarzans feed! My anxiety is through the roof!” remarked a person.

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