The Hamster’s Spaghetti Eating Ability Is Too Adorable to Ignore

The Hamster's Spaghetti Eating Ability Is Too Adorable to Ignore

The most recent addition to this lovely trend? A hamster eats spaghetti in this video. That’s right, a little hamster eating spaghetti has taken over Instagram, and people aren’t shy about sharing their opinions on this unexpected gourmet moment.

The video showed a fork in a bowl of spaghetti. The hamster’s owner appeared to be enjoying the dinner before the pet arrived. The owner began by providing the hamster with a noodle. The creature ate one noodle after another with gusto. The endearing twist? The small paws of the hamster were now covered in scarlet spaghetti sauce.

The caption stated, “This cute little hamster called ‘Crumb Bum’ eats some Spaghetti Bolognese.”

This Video Has Received More Than 45 Million Views and Thousands of People Commented On This Video

This video has received more than 45 million views and Thousands of people commented on this video, sharing their views.

While seeing the hamster’s pace, one person commented “What gym is that guy going to ?”

Another said, “I want his gym routine.”

“This food is really bad for hamsters,” one user remarked.

Someone said, “Caught him red-handed.”

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