This Belgian Man’s Dance to Indian Music Is the Internet’s New Favorite

This Belgian Man's Dance to Indian Music

Ed Individuals, a Belgian content creator, is well known for creating dance videos with people from all over the world. In his most recent video, he requested Indians to teach him their favorite dancing steps and the heartwarming videos have become popular on the internet.

The guy in the video requested bystanders to teach him their favorite dancing steps. People from various Indian cities taught him various dance steps and stances, and the content creator flawlessly executed all of them. As the video proceeds, he can be seen dancing his heart out and having a great time. The video has captured the hearts of people all across the world.

In addition to the video, Mr. People wrote “Indian Dances.”


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The Instagram Video Has Received Over 2.8 Million Views and Several Comments

I love how diverse and expressive they are,” one Instagram user remarked.

“I love the enthusiasm he puts into every dance he learns… May your journey continue to be a path derived from the Most High,” wrote another person.

“These videos always make me smile,” remarked the third user.

“Indian dances are the best. They’re cheerful and not sexualised, I like that,” commented the fourth user.

“Indian kids made him do patli kamariya,” claimed the fifth user.

Previously, a video of him learning the preferred dance movements of Indian wedding attendees went viral.

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