This Comedian’s Perfect Slow Motion Impression the Goal Celebration Is Going Viral

This Comedian's Perfect Slow Motion Impression

A comedian’s slow-motion mimicry of a football goal celebration has attracted the attention of social media users. Karl Porter, a British comedian, was playing at Up the Creek in London’s Greenwich when he claimed to the crowd that he could execute a “goal celebration in slow motion.” His amazing example of how a footballer scores and celebrates has become popular on the internet.


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Mr. Porter went on to mimic a footballer running down the field with his sights on the ball in slow motion in the viral video. As soon as he approaches the imaginary ball, he lifts himself up, as if to slam it into the goal with his head. Before going into celebration mode, he pauses and ensures that he has truly scored. There was laughing in the room as he went wide-eyed, before celebrating his victory with a fake knee slide and thanking god.

The video’s caption stated, “Up the creek loving the slow-mo goal celebration.”

The Video Was Posted Three Days Ago and Has Approximately 35 Million Views and Many Comments On Instagram

A user commented on the video on Instagram, saying, “That was incredible.”

“That smile after the goal made me laugh over and over,” commented another user.

“That’s brilliant, freaken hell,” said the third user.

“You don’t need a whole show, that one skill should pay all your bills,” the fourth user commented.

“Best thing on the internet,” said the fifth user.

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