This Couple Had a Picnic While Hanging Mid-Air Against a Waterfall Landscape

This Couple Had a Picnic While Hanging Mid-Air

In a viral video, they can be seen drinking wine and eating while admiring the stunning vistas of Cascata da Sepultura, a waterfall in the country’s south.

Christianna Hurt posted the Instagram video. In it, we see her seated at the wire-suspended table with her rapper lover ‘OnPointLikeOp’ (also known as O.P). There are views from several jaw-dropping perspectives, suggesting the height of the waterfall as well as the two diners’ solitude


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Rota Aventura, The Company That Organizes This One-Of-A-Kind Event

The pair were initially strapped into a harness and placed on the picnic table, which was fastened to the zipline, according to the Daily Mail. The table was then dragged along the zipline by the people from the company, the two were left alone to eat their picnic food. Rota Aventura, the company that organizes this one-of-a-kind event, also posted a video of the mid-air picnic. People who reserve the experience enjoy 10 min on the hanging table, according to the official website. The package, which includes several amenities costs around INR 37,000 ($450).

Here’s How Some Instagram Users Reacted to The Popular Video

“I would have lost my whole appetite.”

“Don’t think I’d want to experience this first hand but it’s cool to watch.”

“This is ultimate trust and not to mention no fear of heights.”

“I don’t think I could’ve done that lol.”

“Girl you are BRAVE. My hubby would be freaking out! This is so cool though. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us.”

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