When A Cyclist Saw a Herd of Cows Approaching Him, See What Happened Next

When A Cyclist Saw a Herd of Cows Approaching Him

Andrew O’Connor was riding in the highlands of Northern England when he stopped for a snack and noticed a herd of cows approaching him. A frantic farmer asked him to assist in stopping the errant animals from going down the road.


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Mr. O’Connor stepped in front of the cows and yelled “Stop” while raising his hands. Surprisingly, the cows came to a halt, allowing the farmer to reach them before they proceeded any farther.

Mr. O’Connor posted the video to Instagram with the caption, “The strangest thing to ever happen to me on a bike ride. It involved a heard of runaway cows.”

The Video Has Received Approximately 13 Million Views, 1.5 Million Likes, And Plenty of Comments

“Polite cows they’re like oh ok.” One user joked.

“I love how normal it sounds for the farmer: ‘Stop them!'” remarked another person

“I like that you asked what to do and immediately followed instructions. You’re a helpful man,” said the third user.

“I would be telling this story non-stop. “I stopped an entire horde of cows with my bare hands”.” the fourth user added

“I had said the same thing happen to me, in Scotland, but it was a flock of sheep. They ignored my commands and ran past me, making sounds like they were laughing. I felt so humiliated,” the fifth user said.

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