Woman’s Dating Advice On Using Bengaluru Traffic to Find Love Amuses Internet

Woman's Dating Advice On Using Bengaluru Traffic

Bengaluru is notorious for its traffic, which makes simple routes seem interminably lengthy. Recently, a user on X, previously Twitter, posted a novel concept for making the most of the time spent delayed in the city’s peak traffic hours. Prakriti Sharma posted the concept on her social media account.

“Try meeting earlier and commuting together to your favourite spot during peak traffic hours. Ms Sharma said on X, “This way, you’ll get to spend much more time together and you’ll also find out if they have any anger issues.”

The Post Has Received Over 14,400 Views On the Social Media Platform

The post has received over 14,400 views on the social media platform. Her article drew a flood of reactions from internet users.

“This is my litmus test – how are we together in traffic.” A user sent in the following message.

Another person said, “Banglore dating tip for men: Get Rich.”

“Then Bangalore traffic will be a national breakup event technically a pandemic,” remarked a third user.

“What a way to experience arranged marriage, when you figure out this person is so not for you. but you are stuck at silk board,” the fourth person said.

“And to make your experience better, like candlelight dinner, they are adding a tunnel as well,” the fifth user said.

A Survey Claims That Bengaluru Loses Rs. 19,725 Crore Every Year as A Result of Traffic Delays

Meanwhile, a survey claims that Bengaluru loses Rs. 19,725 crore every year as a result of traffic delays, congestion, signal failure, time loss, fuel loss, and other causes. The research, led by traffic expert M N Sreehari and his colleagues, focuses on road planning, flyovers, traffic management, and infrastructural deficiencies.

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