Youtuber MrBeast Drives The $100 Million Most Expensive Car in The World

Youtuber MrBeast Drives The $100 Million Most Expensive Car in The World

MrBeast, one of the most subscribed YouTube individual content creators, Jimmy Donaldson, just shared a video driving a variety of interesting automobiles, all priced differently. The list began with $1 trash vehicle and concluded with a $100 million Ferrari.

The Youtuber not only documented his driving experience, but he also tested its functions. He also teased the release on X. He commented “I can’t believe we got a flying car, a boat car, and a $100,000,000 car for our new video, lol.”

The video is named $1 versus $100,000,000 Car! and it lasts 16 minutes. The Ferrari 125 S, the first Ferrari, was the show stopper.

MrBeast says in the video, “We’re going to exploding, sailing, driving, and even flying all of these cars to show you why they’re so expensive.”

The Youtuber Was Shown Riding in The $100 Million Ferrari at The End of the Video

The YouTuber was shown riding in the $100 million Ferrari at the end of the video after driving and testing automobiles in every price category.  “This car is so historic and valuable that this museum representative is the only person on Earth allowed to drive it. It’s only allowed to be driven on this bridge. We had cops completely close the roads and we even had street cleaners fill in every pothole and clean the entire street to ensure that nothing damages this $100,000,000 car,” he explained.

MrBeast, on the other hand, made $54 million in 2021. According to Forbes, he earns roughly $5 million every month, making him YouTube’s highest-paid video creator.

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