Youtubers Blend TV and Fridge in Giant Blender

Youtubers Blend TV and Fridge in Giant Blender

A video of a YouTuber blending a TV, fridge, surfboard, and golf balls in a massive blender is becoming popular on the Internet. The “world’s largest blender” was developed by How Ridiculous, a popular YouTube channel renowned for planning hazardous pranks such as throwing automobiles from tremendous heights.

Youtubers, Brett Stanford, Derek Herron, and Scot Gaunson utilized the massive blender to shatter goods such as fridges, surfboards, golf balls, and televisions. The video was shared by the makers on Aug 5, they uploaded a YouTube video documenting the blender-making process. This video has been seen over 2 million times.

They have also shared clips from their video on their Instagram account, the video begins with a man enthusiastically promoting the blender. He then declared that he intended to mix his refrigerator in the gigantic blender. A standard-size Refrigerator was smashed to pieces moments later.

The Video Impressed and Confused Internet Users

The video impressed and confused internet users. Commenting the video, a user remarked “But whyyyyyyyyyy.”

Another user said, “”What do you want in your smoothie?” “Whatever’s in the fridge” Me who didn’t hear “whatever’s in””.

“You literally blended a fridge,” the third user inquired.

“Not being funny, as much as I enjoy watching you guys I miss the old stuff, impossible shots, trick shots and just you guys being mates. This being said why not revisit the see-saw but do some serious engineering? Loads of stuff you could do with that,” said the fourth user.

The fifth user added, “Most annoying voice and behaviour on instagram,”

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