2.2 Million Liters of Wine Flowed Through the Streets of Portugal Town. Watch The Video Here

2.2 Million Liters of Wine Flowed

On Sunday, the little hamlet of Sao Lorenco de Bairro in Portugal was surprised by a torrent of red wine gushing through it streets. Residents were startled when millions of gallons of wine rushed down a steep hill in town and flooded down the streets, according to the reports. Videos show what appears to be an ending flood of wine running down the town’s alley.

The Strange Wine Flood Began at a Small Distillery

According to the New York Post, the strange wine flood began at a small distillery when tanks carrying barrels containing over 2 million gallons of red wine abruptly broke. A large leak, which could fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool, also prompted environmental concerns because the torrent of wine was on its way to a neighboring river. Before it found its way to the rest of town, the wine reportedly flooded a basement in a home near the distillery.

The Fire Service Swooped in to Prevent the Wine Flood from Turning the Certima River into A River of Wine

The fire service swooped in to prevent the wine flood from turning the Certima River into a river of wine. According to the New York Post, the flood was rerouted and made to flow onto a neighboring field.

Levira Distillery has apologized for the strange occurrence and stated that it had dug up the town’s wine-soaked ground. “We assume full responsibility for the costs associated with cleaning and repairing the damage, having teams do so immediately,” the distillery stated in a statement.

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