Us Cop Rescues Driver from Burning Car Following Accident

Us Cop Rescues Driver from Burning Car Following Accident

A video shows a police officer in the USA rescuing a motorist from a flaming automobile before it caught fire. The Madill Police Department shared the dashcam clip on Facebook. The event occurred in the “early morning hours on Saturday, September 9, 2023” according to the police. The police agency applauded Sergeant JT Moore for his remarkable bravery in saving the driver’s life and bringing him away from danger.

Sergeant Moore Arrived to an Accident Just After 1 A.M. On Saturday discovered a Car On the Fire

Sergeant Moore arrived at an accident just after 1 a.m. on Saturday and discovered a car on fire off the slide off the road near a woodland, according to the police. Sergeant Moore dashed towards the car with a fire extinguisher the flames when he discovered the driver still inside.

He stepped in and draggedthe driver out from the flames that had covered the automobile

“To say we are proud of Sgt JT Moore would be an understatement,” police stated on Facebook.

“We commend Sgt. Moore for his life-saving actions, all while putting himself in harm’s way,” the department’s tweet said.

Another police officer in the United States rescued a woman from a flaming automobile in Georgia a few months ago.

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