A Deliveryman in Delhi Is Attacked with A Knife After Asking a Woman for Her Address

A Deliveryman in Delhi Is Attacked with A Knife

A lady reportedly assaulted a delivery person with a knife after he asked her for her assistance in locating an address in Dwarka, southwest Delhi. The unusual conversation between the two was recorded on CCTV cameras during the event, which occurred on Friday in Dwarka’s sector 23. The lady, according to authorities, assaulted the victim three to four times with the knife.

The woman hastily pulls the scooter to the ground as the delivery agents gets off. As other locals come and congregate around the situation, an altercation erupts. The lady goes down and attempts to cut the scooter’s tire with the knife for nearly 20 seconds while the delivery agent turns to speak to them.

She also makes a motion towards the tiny audience while still holding the knife and places her foot on the wrecked vehicle.

According to the police, the lady continued to threaten residents with the knife even after they arrived at the scene.

She Allegedly Picked Up a Stick and Attempted to Harm the Police Vehicle and Other Automobiles Nearby

After the knife was taken from her, she allegedly picked up a stick and attempted to harm the police vehicle and other automobiles nearby. Her attack continued as she attempted to resist arrest by grabbing a female police officer’s hair and scratching her before being apprehended and escorted to the police station.

Residents claim that 42 year old lady lives alone as a renter in the DDA flats and has a history of initiating similar fights with her neighbors, but no action has been taken against her.

The Delivery Agent Named Golu Was Injured and Is Being Treated at A Hospital

The delivery agent named Golu was injured and is being treated at a hospital. He informed police that he came in the neighborhood to deliver a box and requested for her assistance in looking for an address when she began throwing insults and attacking him.

He further said she damaged his scooter with a brick and chased him with a knife in her hand. The lady has been charged with endangering the safety of others and assaulting a police officer.

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