An Irish Tourist Damages a Historic Brussels Statue Worth 16 Lakh Euros

An Irish Tourist Damages a Historic Brussels Statue

An Irish visitor in Belgium was detained after damaging a freshly renovated monument in Brussels. The cost of the damage is estimated to be $19,000 (Rs 15.83 lakhs).

According to the New York Post, a drunken visitor was caught attempting to ride a line monument at the Brussels Stock Exchange in Belgium. The monument which also depicts a man holding a torch, was recently repaired as part of a $150 million refurbishment effort. As the visitor attempted to descend, he broke off a piece of the statue, which was thought to be the torch.

The Traveler Was Detained at A Neighboring Fast-Food Restaurant

The monument, known as the Bourse, was damaged just one day after it was reopened. According to the local media, the traveler was detained at a neighboring fast-food restaurant. The visitor stated he had no idea how much harm he had done.

The administration is apparently seeking compensation from the Irish visitor for the damage he did to the statue, according to Nieuwsblad.

The Brussels Stock Exchange Building and Sculptures Are Heritage-Listed

The Brussels Stock Exchange building and sculptures, according to the project manager Nel Vandevennet, are heritage-listed.

“We would like to carry out the repairs quickly, but it will surely take a few weeks or even months,” he told news source VRT NWS.

“The whole building has only just been restored to its former glory, including the two lions, which were in a bad way. He Said.

“We thought the sculptures would enjoy greater respect. We just think it’s very sad this happened.”

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