Nagaland Minister Shares Video of Assam School That Accepts Plastic Bottles as Payment

Assam School That Accepts Plastic Bottles as Payment

A school in Assam is paving the way ahead with its innovative approach to plastic recycling. Temjen Imna Along, a Naga politician known for his thought-provoking movies, released a video of Akshar Foundation, a school for impoverished children that takes only plastic as payment. Every week, students are required to provide 25 plastic bottles.

”If this doesn’t surprise you, what does?’ wrote Mr Along while posting the video.

Parmita Sharma and Mazin Mukhtar Co-Founded the School in 2016

Parmita Sharma and Mazin Mukhtar co-founded the school in 2016 after noticing two pressing issues: excessive waste and illiteracy. To address these issues, they constructed a school where students may learn for free in exchange for collecting plastic bottles once a week. The resulting mass of plastic is used to construct bricks, roadways, and even toilets. At school, older pupils teach the younger kids, for which they are paid.

Students learn languages, plastic recycling, construction, gardening, and other skills in addition to regular studies. The school even boasts a zero percent dropout rate.

“As we could never afford to recompense the kids like the quarries, we devised a mentorship peer-to-peer learning model, whereby older kids would tutor the younger ones, and in return get paid in toy currency notes that can be used to buy snacks, clothes, toys and shoes at local shops. As the students progress academically, their salaries increase. Our motto is ‘Learn more to earn more’.

Mr Mukhtar once told The Guardian, “This monetary incentive has proved to be a powerful motivator for the community.”

People Were Fascinated by The Concept and Praised the Pair

People were fascinated by the concept and praised the pair for their pioneering endeavor, which paved the path for both education and sustainability.

One person commented on the video, saying, ”This is the most beautiful video from the Northeast. Our brothers are so talented. Great work dude.”

‘Incredible India God bless them.” Another said

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