At The Mumbai Airport, A Private Jet Skids and Crashes, leaving 8 People Injured

A Private Jet Skids and Crashes leaving 8 People Injured

On Thursday evening, a private jet skidded off the runway and crashed while attempting to land at Mumbai Airport in heavy weather. All eight people on board have been hospitalized, including five passengers and three crew members, according to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation. The severity of the injuries is unknown, however, unknown fatalities have been recorded thus far. Normal operations resumed after the runaway was cleaned of debris and cleared by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

Five Vistara Airlines Planes Were Diverted During a Temporary Runway Closure

The flights that have been diverted are UK622 (from Varanasi), UK124 (from Bangkok) UK933 (from Delhi), UK518 (from Kochi), and UK865 (from Dehradun). The first two planes were redirected to Hyderabad, while the three subsequent flights were routed to Goa.

The incident occurred near Mumbai airport’s Runaway 27, which was sick due to rain. At the time, visibility was said to be roughly 700 meters.

CCTV Footage of the Accident Appears to Show the Plane Impacting the Ground with Significant Force

Unsettling CCTV footage of the accident appears to show the plane impacting the ground with significant force and the aircraft body skidding over the ground for a short distance.

Other images from Mumbai Airport showed a hazy grey sky on the plane’s debris on the opposite side of the runaway. The wreckage seemed to be on fire at first glance. The fire was extinguished by emergency personnel.

According to the DGCA, the plane was a Learjet 45, a nine-seater superlight business jet manufactured by a branch of Canada-based Bombardier Aviation and registered to VSR Ventures, a Bengaluru-based real estate development firm. The plane was flying in from Andhra Pradesh’s Visakhapatnam.

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