Banita Sandhu Makes Her Relationship with Ap Dhillon  

Banita Sandhu Makes Her Relationship with Ap Dhillon  

On Saturday, Banita Sandhu made her romance with Singer AP Dhillon Instagram official, on her Instagram, the star posted a series of photos with AP Dhillon.


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AP Dhillon is sitting on the ground in the first picture, with Banita hovering over his face from a bed. Another image shows the new couple getting ready for the celebration. Banita can be seen posing for the camera in another photo, with AP Dhillon standing behind her. The frame shows AP Dhillon and Banita with their backs to the camera holding hands. Banita wrote “With Me” in the caption and added a heart emoji.

Banita Posted Another Photo to Her Instagram Account in Which AP Dhillon Is Seen Assisting Her With Her Outfit

Banita posted another photo to her Instagram account in which AP Dhillon is seen assisting her with her outfit. These photos are from a recent party that Banita and AP Dhillon attended together. AP Dhillon’s docu-series AP Dhillon: First of a Kind premiered on Amazon Prime earlier this week. Banita and AP Dhillon were spotted at a celebration following the VIP screening.

Banita Sandhu Makes Her Relationship with Ap Dhillon  Rumours concerning AP Dhillon and Banita Sandhu made the round after appearing together in the singer’s most recent song video With You

Banita showed some behind the scenes footage from the video on her Instagram account a few days ago. The reported pair is seen kissing in the first photo. They might be seen kissing in another scene. Banita added a microphone emoji to the caption section.

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