Archaeologists in Turkey Discover A 2,000-Year-Old Make-Up Shop

Discover A 2000-Year-Old Make-Up Shop

According to the BBC, archaeologists uncovered a 2,000-year-old makeup store. The amazing find was uncovered in the ancient city of Aizonoi, a major political and economic center in Roman times and now part of modern-day western Turkey.

Discover A 2000-Year-Old Make-Up ShopDuring the Roman era, the city was a prominent focus of political and economic activity

Discover A 2000-Year-Old Make-Up ShopThe Items Discovered by Specialists Are Perfume Vials and Make-Up Remnants Such as Eyeshadows and Blush

Discover A 2000-Year-Old Make-Up ShopAccording to the BBC, among the items discovered by specialists are perfume vials and make-up remnants such as eyeshadows and blush. Roman ladies are said to have utilized these cosmetics over two millennia ago. The archaeological crew also discovered a shop within the city that allegedly sold jewels and cosmetics. In addition to these products, numerous beads for necklaces and hairpins were discovered on the premises.

One especially unusual item in the shop was a large number of oyster shells that doubled as make-up containers. Surprisingly, the makeup was unearthed and the site had brilliant colors resembling modern blushes and eyeshadows.

The most common colors found were a variety of red and pink, totaling ten unique tints.

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