Grandfather in the US Accidentally Shot Grandson

Grandfather in the US accidentally Shot Grandson

When an elderly man from Texas accidentally shot and injured his own 12-year-old grandson, he was ready to conduct a wedding in Nebraska. The man was attempting to draw the attention of visitors by firing a gun in the air, but the rifle malfunctioned and discharged a blank cartridge with black powder, striking the youngster in the shoulder.

During a news conference, Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Ben Houchin stated that 62-year-old Michael Gardner is facing legal action after the Pietta 1860 snub nose pistol went off about 5 p.m. and accidentally hit the small kid in the shoulder at Hillside Events.

The Pistol Discharged a Blank Cartridge with Black Powder in The Casing

According to the New York Post, the pistol discharged a blank cartridge with black powder in the casing, which was bonded together, according to a Sheriff’s officer.

Before the eye catching photo, people were split about the Denton, Nebraska, site since the ceremony began late due to someone forgetting the wedding rings, according to the Houchin.

“When he decided to cock back the hammer of this revolver, it slipped, and it shot his grandson in the left shoulder, causing an injury,” Houchin stated. He went on to say, “What we believe is that the glue injured the child.”

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