Guard Requests Noida Dog Owner Exit Lift After Child Is Scared, Argument Follows

Guard Requests Noida Dog Owner Exit Lift After Child Is Scared, Argument Follows

A Video has gone viral on social media showing a dog owner and a resident of a Greater Noida Housing Society arguing over the usage of the lift. The owner of a German Shepherd dog was requested to exit the lift by the society guard in the video because a kid who was inside the elevator was apparently terrified to travel with the dog. As a result, the guy insisted that the little kid exit the lift if he was uncomfortable sharing space with the dog.

“Woh darr raha hai toh bahar aajaye, main wait karu uske liye (if he is scared he should exit the lift, why should I wait for him?)” the guy said.

Soon after, a lady from the same society stepped up in favor of the kid, asking the dog owner to step back and allow the child to use the lift. The dog owner, on the other hand, was insistent, insisting that he was obeying all guidelines and that his dog was muzzled “My dog’s face is muzzled. Why is the child afraid? If he is afraid, ask him to alight and take the next trip,” he said.

The lady terrified the dog owner even more by filming the entire discussion and asking him again “What is your flat number?” The video concludes with the man departing with his dog and using another elevator.

On X People Had Different Opinions with Some Stating the Man’s Attitude Was Arrogant While Others Said He Had Done Nothing Wrong

”When the dog is wearing a muzzle and is under control with its owner, then why is this woman forcefully creating a ruckus?” One User said.

”I don’t know why but I feel sorry for the dog for bearing the owner all its life. Dog deserves a more empathetic owner.” Another said.

”This is cruel behaviour on the part of the dog owner. A kid’s concern is more important than the dog owner’s pride.” A third person said.

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