Headphones, Locket, Screws, Rakhis – Doctors Discover Strange Things Within a Man’s Body

Doctors Discover Strange Things Within a Man's Body

Doctors at a hospital in Punjab’s Moga were taken aback on Thursday when they discovered headphones, a locket, screws, and even rakhis within a patient’s stomach while operating on him. After complaining of nausea for more than two days, the 40-year-old was brought to Moga’s Medicity Hospital with a high fever and stomach discomfort. As his stomach pain persisted, physicians decided to do an X-ray scan of his stomach to establish the source of his discomfort. The findings were upsetting.

Several metallic items were discovered trapped inside the man’s stomach, according to the MRI. Doctors were able to effectively remove the things from his body after a 3-hour procedure.

Earphones, washers, nuts and bolts, cables, rakhis, lockets, buttons, wrappers, hairclips, a zipper tag, a marble, and a safety pin were among the almost hundred things extracted from his stomach.

Even After All of the Things Were Taken from His Body the Man’s Condition Is Not Stable

Dr, Ajmer Kalra, the hospital’s director, stated that this was his first such instance and that the guy had been suffering from stomach problems for two years. Even after all of the things were taken from his body, the doctor stated that the man’s condition was not stable. The objects have been within his stomach for a long period, causing various health difficulties, he noted.

The man’s relatives stated that they were astounded by the discovery and had no idea when or why he ate the things. His parents had no idea how he ate the products but said he suffered from mental disorders.

He had complained of stomach pain and difficulty sleeping for several days before being sent to the hospital. They had taken him to various physicians before, but none of them could figure out what was causing him agony.

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