Ishowspeed Seeks Medical Attention When His ‘Elephant Toothpaste’ Experiment Goes Wrong

Ishowspeed Seeks Medical Attention

Ishowspeed, a Youtuber, was taken to the hospital by paramedics after a scientific experiment during a broadcast went horribly wrong. During the live, the 18, year old streamer, who is renowned for his expressive replies when playing video games, recently undertook a ‘Elephant toothpaste’ experiment in his bedroom. However, the experiment did not proceed as intended, and hazardous vapours were discharged into his house.

“It didn’t work!” he said, “What is going on? Is it working? Oh my fucking God, it’s not doing it! … Ah, I can’t breathe.” Both the streamer and the videographer left the room for a few moments.

In the background, a fire alarm can be heard.

On the webcast, one of his stream moderators sent a message “Speed is currently with the firefighters. They’re giving him oxygen so he can breathe. He should be fine guys.”

Who is Youtuber IshowSpeed?

IshowSpeed, a YouTube celebrity, has established himself as one of the platform’s leading video providers thanks to his dynamic personality and sense of humor.

In June of this year, he also met Portugal football team captain Cristiano Ronaldo. Speed had been trying for months to catch a peek of his idol and meet him in person. Speed came to Qatar last year to witness Ronaldo play in the World Cup.

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