Israeli Forces Engage Hamas Gunmen, Prepare for ‘Long, Tough War’

Israeli Forces Engage Hamas Gunmen, Prepare for 'Long, Tough War'

War between Israeli soldiers and the Palestinian group Hamas erupted today, with hundreds killed on both sides after an attack on Israel caused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to warn that the country was “entering a long and challenging war.”

Hamas launched a major rocket bombardment and a ground, air, and sea offensive that Israel’s army claimed resulted in the worst escalation of the conflict in decades, killing more than 300 Israelis and injuring 1,000 others. According to Gaza officials, Israeli air strikes on the coastal territory have killed at least 400 Palestinians and injured almost 1,700 others.

Lebanon’s Iran-backed Hezbollah claimed to have fired “large numbers of artillery shells and guided missiles” at Israeli positions along a disputed border. It stated that the attack was launched “in solidarity” with the Hamas attack.

Netanyahu Pledged To Avenge What He Called a “Black Day” For Israel

Netanyahu Pledged To Avenge What He Called a “Black Day” For Israel

“The IDF (army) is about to use all its force to destroy Hamas’s capabilities. We’ll strike them to the bitter end and avenge with force this black day they brought on Israel and its people,” he warned. He advised Palestinians living near Hamas locations in Gaza to leave, vowing to turn their hideouts into “rubble” in the aftermath of the surprise onslaught. “I’m telling the people of Gaza: get out of there now, because we’re about to act everywhere with all our force,” he said.

Hamas Fighters Launched Thousands of Missiles and Broke Gaza’s Border Barrier

According to Israeli sources, Hamas has kidnapped over 100 soldiers and civilians. “Terrorists rampaged and broke into homes, massacring civilians. Hundreds had invaded the country, hundreds are still fighting troops inside Israel,” Hundreds had invaded the nation, and hundreds are currently fighting forces within Israel, according to army spokesperson Richard Hecht.

Hamas fighters launched thousands of missiles and broke Gaza’s border barrier, striking Israeli towns and military installations nearby. They also opened fire on locals and bystanders. The group dubbed their assault “Operation Al-Aqsa Flood” and invited “resistance fighters in the West Bank” as well as “Arab and Islamic nations” to join the fight. Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh declared that the organization was on the “verge of a great victory.”

In Response To The Devastating Strikes Israel’s Defence Forces Declared A “State Of War”

In response to the devastating strikes, Israel’s defense forces declared a “state of war.” “Operation Swords of Iron” was initiated, with forces striking a variety of targets in Gaza. We have seen the face of evil. Hamas launched a criminal attack, without distinguishing between women, children and the elderly. It will realise very quickly that it made a grave mistake. We will change the face of reality in the Gaza Strip,” In a video address, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant declared, “We will change the face of reality in Gaza.”

The Indian Embassy in Israel Has Urged Its Nationals to Remain Watchful and Follow Local Authorities’ Safety Guidelines

As the United Nations Security Council convened today for an emergency meeting, US President Joe Biden expressed “rock solid and unwavering” support for Israel and warned “against any other party hostile to Israel seeking advantage in this situation.”

The Indian embassy in Israel has urged its nationals to remain watchful and follow local authorities’ safety guidelines. “Please exercise caution, avoid unnecessary movement, and stay close to safety shelters,” the advice warned.

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