Man Jumps Off Roof After Explosion, Fire in Bengaluru Building

Man Jumps Off Roof After Explosion, Fire in Bengaluru Building

A fire broke out at a multi-story commercial building in Bengaluru’s upscale Koramangala neighborhood. Pictures showed a massive explosion on the top story of the building amid the fire, which was apparently caused by cooking gas cylinders exploding.

As the continued to spread, a guy was observed handing to the corner of the four-story building’s terrace. He looked to his right at the flames, then down at the ground. He then abruptly leaped.

He and Another Person Were Critically Injured and Were Sent to A Private Hospital

He and another person were critically injured and were sent to a private hospital, the fire apparently started around midday in a café on the top floor. Residents reported hearing a series of explosions after several cooking gas cylinders were stored on the top level.

“We dispatched eight fire trucks to the scene, and our senior officers are present.” The fire has been put out. “Two people were seriously injured,” a fire department officer told PTI.

According to the authorities, there were no customers in the café at the time of the event.

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