Neighbors Watch as an Australian Woman Is Attacked by Her Two Rottweilers

Australian Woman Is Attacked by Her Two Rottweilers

Nikita Piil, 31, Australian, is recovering in the hospital after being savagely assaulted by her two Rottweiler dogs last Saturday. Ms. Piil was assaulted at her Perth home by her beloved dogs Bronx and Harlem. When her dogs turned on her, she suffered severe blood loss and bite wounds to her limbs, according to 7 News. Doctors are trying to save the woman’s arm at the Royal Perth Hospital, where she is now in a severe but stable condition.

Neighbors Witnessed the Incident and Attempted to Repel the Dogs

When Piil was attacked, she cried for help. Neighbors witnessed the incident and attempted to repel the dogs with leaf blowers, hoses, and brats, but were unsuccessful.

Bryn Spencer, a neighbor, told 7News, “I didn’t have a knife, I didn’t have anything really good to take this dog out, I only had a bat. All I could really do was just watch this girl get mauled apart.”

When the police arrived, they shot one of the dogs because they couldn’t stop the attack. One of the dogs was killed, while the other was under the care of rangers.

Ms. Piil Used to Frequently Post On Social Media About Her Two Dogs

Ms Piil used to frequently post on social media about her two dogs, referring to them as her “babies.” “I couldn’t ask for a more incredible, cheeky, loyal, intelligent, and protective little mate. You’re my whole world,” she said in a post celebrating Bronx’s birthday in 2017.

The West Australian quoted an unknown breeder who sold one of the dogs to Ms Piil as saying, “It’s not likely that a rottweiler would attack anybody for no reason.”

The breeder believes there was a struggle between the two dogs, and Ms Fiil attempted to break it up but was pulled into the nasty scuffle.

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