Police Action After Video of a Noida Car Driver Willfully Crushing a Stray Dog

Police Action After Video of a Noida Car Driver

Greater Noida-based horrific video shows a motorist purposefully driving over a stray puppy. A CCTV set up nearby managed to capture the horrible act of animal cruelty. On the social media site X,  the video infuriated people, who tagged the Noida police and demanded stern punishment for those responsible. In response to the now-viral video, the police stated that a case has been opened at the Dadri police station and that they are taking the necessary steps.

A Stray Is Seen Crossing the Street at the Beginning of the Video

A stray is seen crossing the street at the beginning of the video, but he or she immediately notices a car approaching quickly. The dog pauses to wait for the car, but the driver veers the vehicle in its direction, crushing the animal.

The driver sped off and is seen leaving the camera’s field of view.

The dog, however, is also unseen since the impact sent it a few feet off the road. However, worried citizens can be seen running towards the animal to try to save it.

Many people, including dog lovers and animal rights campaigners, criticized the driver’s actions and called on the Noida police and Peta India to take the appropriate action

“Someone who couldn’t speak was brutally killed without any reason. Incident in Omicron-2 sector of Greater Noida,” one user said.

“Vehicles at such high speed is a nuisance for everyone, especially during morning hours when children go to school. Strict action should be taken against them,” another user said.

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