Woman Disappears with Gold and Money After Drugging Bumble Date in Gurugram

Woman Disappears with Gold and Money After Drugging

A young man’s eagerly awaited internet date in Gurugram, which began with the promise of making lasting memories, took an unsettling turn, leaving him with a painful encounter. According to local police, this unfortunate incident occurred during a Bumble meeting, where the man claimed that a woman, after allegedly drugging him at his DLF Phase 4 residence, disappeared with his mobile phone, valuable gold jewelry, and an extensive amount of 1.78 lahks from his bank accounts.

In his official complaint, the victim, Rohit Gupta, stated that he met a lady called Sakshi, also known as Payal, through the Bumble online dating app. Gupta stated that the woman stated that her ancestors were from Delhi and that she now lived with her aunt in Gurugram.

“On October 1, she called me and said she wanted to meet me. Around 10 p.m., she called me to pick her up from near Dockyard Bar in Sector 47. I picked her up and then bought some liquor from a nearby shop and came to my house,” Gupta said in his lawsuit.

She Spiked His Drink with Some Narcotic at His Home

When he arrived home, the woman requested him to go to the kitchen to get some ice, and while he was gone, she spiked his drink with some narcotic.

“The effect of the drug was so severe that I woke up on the morning of October 3. I found the woman was missing, as were my gold chain, an iPhone 14 Pro, 10,000 in cash, and credit and debit cards.

According to police, Gupta stated in his statement, “I found ₹ 1.78 lakh were also withdrawn through my credit and debit cards,”

According to authorities, the lady was booked at Sector 29 authorities Station on Tuesday.

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