WhatsApp Introduces New Community Chat Features; Here’s How They Work

WhatsApp Introduces New Community Chat Features

WhatsApp is adding two new features aimed at increasing user control and channel management. WhatsApp is introducing an IOS feature that allows group administrators to determine who may add members to community group chats, providing community managers with greater freedom and control.

Community administrators can use this feature to designate who has the power to directly add members. By default, community administrators have access to this feature. If you want a more open approach, you may pick “everyone,” which allows any member to add others without the requirement for an invite link. This feature is now available to IOS who download WhatsApp from the App Store.  As WhatsApp deployment continues, some users may gain this capability in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp Is Addressing Challenges Posed by Regional Legislation Mandating Content Filters in A Variety of Places

Furthermore, WhatsApp is addressing challenges posed by regional legislation mandating content filters in a variety of places. WhatsApp is introducing a new feature for Android users to keep channel creators up to date on the status of their channels, particularly when they are restricted in some areas.

This function alert channel creator if their channel’s accessibility is restricted due to legal restrictions in specific locations. It assists content providers in keeping track of the accessibility of their material, which aligns with WhatsApp’s objective of adhering to local regulations while retaining a worldwide user base.

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