YouTube Asks Users to Disable Ad-Blockers: Solved

YouTube asks users to disable ad-blockers

YouTube appears to be tightening its grip on ad blockers, requesting that users uninstall ad blocker add-ons in order to continue watching videos on the platform.

Several X users have reported seeing a new pop-up notifying them that using adblocker violates YouTube’s terms of service. While the popup may now be closed by hitting the X button in the upper right corner, it appears that deactivating ad-blocking extensions on the websites is the only method to continue watching without a premium subscription.

YouTube revealed to The Verge a few months ago that it was conducting “a small experiment globally that urges viewers with ad blockers enabled to allow ads on YouTube or try YouTube Premium.” The business also stated that customers would be informed numerous times and requested to accept advertisements on the site before video playing is disabled.

This May Be an Excellent Approach for Google to Increase Money

While this may be an excellent approach for Google to increase money, many people appear to detest the company’s new attitude on ad blockers. According to a recent Windows Latest report, YouTube is also displaying a similar pop-up to Microsoft Edge users who have their ‘Tracking protection’ option set to ‘Strict’. Turning the setting to ‘Balanced’ appears to be doing the work for now if you’re using Edge to watch YouTube content.

What You can do

Users who wish to continue viewing videos on YouTube without advertising can either download ad-blockers that Google may not identify or switch to browsers like Brave, which has an ad-blocker that can presently avoid YouTube’s ad-blocker detection algorithm. Users may also upgrade to YouTube Premium, which costs Rs 129 per month for individuals and Rs 179 per month for a family of five.

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