5 Things You Should Bring on Your Ladakh Bike Ride

5 Things You Should Bring on Your Ladakh Bike Ride

A Ladakh bike tour should surely be on your list if you are a biker looking to see a large selection of destinations on your bike this year. Ladakh’s distinct geographical position distinguishes it from other hill stations. Throughout the year, people are drawn to the diverse terrain in lowlands, freshwater rivers, and snow-capped mountains

We Have Selected a Few Essential Items to Bring with You On a Bike Journey to Leh-Ladakh

First Aid Kit: When going on a mountain bike ride, one of the most important things to carry with you is a first aid kit. Medication for common health ailments such as fever, headaches, cough, and cold might come in helpful while traveling.

Documents needed: Carry copies and originals of all needed motorcycle paperwork, including PUC, RC, insurance, and most importantly, your driver’s license. When applying for an inner queue permission and, in certain cases, registering at checkpoints across Ladakh, you must have at least one government–issued identity card and several photocopies on hand. In some situations, special permits may even be necessary to cross through specified areas, and these must be sought in advance.

Extra Petrol: Stopping for petrol along the way on a lengthy drive is not the best option. Carrying 10 to 20 liters of additional petrol is recommended to save time. Because petrol stations are few and between in Ladakh, one should fill up their bike’s tank completely to guarantee a pleasant ride.

Light energy-boosting foods: Carry additional food supplies such as chocolates, dried fruits, cookies, glucose, and energy bars. While riding over mountainous terrain, it may be difficult to find normal meals at food outlets. Carrying some packaged food might be beneficial.

Bring enough money with you

Carrying extra cash is frequently a good idea while visiting Leh-Ladakh because it is not always possible to withdraw money from an ATM during the journey. ATMs become scarce after passing through major cities such as Srinagar and Manali. Even if you find an ATM, there may be large lineups outside the ATM kiosks, as well as network troubles. Carrying cash with you might help you save time.

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