A London Shopkeeper Grabs a Woman by The Throat

A London Shopkeeper Grabs a Woman by The Throat

Police questioned a 45-year-old shopkeeper in Peckham, southeast London after a video of an incident in his shop went viral on the internet and caused a demonstration. The Video showed a black lady beating a man with a shopping basket while he looked to be strangling her. The clip infuriated residents, who were outraged by the man’s behavior.

The individual was interrogated under caution, which means he was not arrested but is still being investigated. The police have also interrogated the lady. The police are currently investigating the event and no arrest has been made.

Hundreds of People Gathered Outside Peckham Hair and Cosmetics On Rye Lane On Tuesday

According to the BBC, hundreds of people gathered outside Peckham Hair and Cosmetics on Rye Lane on Tuesday to protest the woman’s theft charge. Chants of “you touch one, you touch all” were heard, and signs were held saying “keep your hands off black women”.

According to the shopkeeper, the video was seen “out of context.” He claimed that the clip on social media was “cropped” and did not depict the entire episode. The store is still closed and shuttered.

The Woman Became Violent After Being Rejected a Refund On Things She Had Previously Purchased at The Store, According to The Shopkeeper

According to the shopkeeper, the woman became violent after being rejected a refund on things she had previously purchased at the store.

“We do not give refunds; we exchange items or give a credit note. So she grabbed some stuff [three packs of hair with a total value of 24 pounds] from the shelf and tried to leave. She was leaving, and I was stopping her.

“I was stopping her. She slapped me in the face, grabbed a shopping basket, and hit me on the head. I don’t know when my hand goes around her neck. I was keeping her neutralised. I did not hit her.

“The video was cropped. People are acting on the half truth”.

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