A US High School Student Has Lost a Scholarship Because Of a Social Media Twerking Video

A US High School Student Has Lost a Scholarship

When a video of her “twerking” at a homecoming after-party surfaced on social media, a high school student in Louisiana had her status as student government president removed and her college scholarship possibilities jeopardized.

According to The Guardian, Kaylee Timonet, a senior at Walker High School, was seen dancing behind a friend who was twerking at a private homecoming afterparty on September 30. Earlier this week, the school principal announced that she would lose her leadership position and assistance with scholarship applications.

“They basically told me that I should be ashamed of myself,” Timonet told a local news outlet. “That I wasn’t basically following God’s ideals, which made me cry even more.” “I felt like my life was over.”

The Event Caused Outrage and Controversy among Students

The event caused outrage and controversy among students, with many putting “Let the Girl Dance” posters on social media to show their support. Some parents have drawn parallels between the school’s approach and the plot of the 1980s film Footloose.

According to The New York Post, after allegedly humiliating her during the meeting, St Pierre informed the star student that he was withdrawing her application for the scholarship, which is awarded to only two students each year.

“All I was doing was having innocent fun. I was mortified,” Timonet admitted.

The Mother Complained To The “Unjust” Punishment Meted Out To Her Teenage Daughter

Rachel Timonet, her mother, had her own meeting with the principal on Wednesday and was enraged that she had not been involved in the initial meeting with her minor daughter.

The mother complained to the “unjust” punishment meted out to her teenage daughter.

“They had other people dancing in that video who were on the dance team that nothing happened to. He said she was punished because she is the ‘hood ornament’ of the school.”

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