A Woman in The United States Smashes a Street Performer’s Piano and Steals His Tip

A Woman in The United States Smashes a Street Performer's Piano

A terrifying video shows a drunk lady knocking down a street performer’s piano and stealing his money as he was performing in Georgia, US. According to the New York post, the video that has stirred indignation shows a busker called Andrew singing Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” on the streets when a random woman interrupts his performance.

She forcefully placed her hand on his musical instrument and randomly punched down on the keys at the first time. She returned a second time, knocking over his entire instrument, stealing money from his jar, and fleeing the scene. Passers-by “booed” the woman and assisted the busker in picking up his instrument from the ground. Many others asked him whether he was okay, and one even handed him money.

”This is one of the worst things somebody’s probably ever done to me while street performing,’’ the busker says in the video. ”Shout out to the guy that took me after and all the people and helped out after seeing what happened. It really restores my faith in humanity,” the artist added at the end of the video.

The Internet Was Outraged by The Woman’s Actions and Chastised Her in The Comments Section

The internet was outraged by the woman’s actions and chastised her in the comments section. Others applauded the visitors’ kindness as well as the busker’s calm attitude.

‘Enough is enough. Every act should be followed by the appropriate consequences. Punishment is needed,” one person said.

”The good and bad of society in one video,” said another.

‘The nice thing is to see how other people treat him and how kind. And even the first time she tried to touch his piano, other girls stopped her. Bad people exist but this video actually shows that the good outweighs. People didn’t just stand by, they jumped in to try & help.” Remarked the third.

”This is just disrespect on another level. When people have the guts to come out and perform, they get in the zone, just to see people happy. I don’t even know if I would’ve gotten into a fight or not,” added a fourth.

”Totally unacceptable he was just trying to give everyone a good time playing music kudos to the guy at the end and everyone who helped out,” said another.

Shauntae Heard, The Lady, Has Subsequently Apologized for Her Behaviour and Asked Internet Abusers to Stay Away from Her Family

Shauntae Heard, the lady, has subsequently apologized for her behavior and asked internet abusers to stay away from her family. She also apologized to the musician directly.

”I have taken accountability for my actions. I know it was wrong and ignorant of me but please keep my family out of it. Y’all problem is with me not my family you don’t get anything out of texting them or me and I have already apologized to the person we have talked to. Everything is good no I didn’t steal any money and I didn’t break the piano I’m a human just like you all. Everyone has made mistakes nobody is perfect again I’m sorry, for my actions I’ve seen worse downtown this is nothing compared to what I did and I know it’s not right,” she wrote on Instagram.

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