Cabin Crew Performs Dangerous Photo Stunt Atop Plane Wing

Cabin Crew Performs Dangerous Photo Stunt Atop Plane Wing

Swiss International Airlines cabin crew members are facing an investigation from enraged managers after they were discovered dancing and taking photographs on the wing of a Boeing 777 aircraft. A traveler waiting at the airport terminal shot the non-viral video clip.

The Video Also Shows Two Ground Crew Members Posing for A Shot in Front of the Plane’s Engine On the Tarmac

A female flight attendant appears to be dancing on the wing of the aircraft in the footage, and she is subsequently joined by a male coworker, following that a second man, presumed to be a senior cabin chief, appears and begins striking bodybuilding postures.

The video also shows two ground crew members posing for a shot in front of the plane’s engine on the tarmac. The footage was captured earlier this month, and it infuriated Swiss International Airlines Management.

In Response to The Viral Video, the Airlines Issued a Statement

In response to the viral video, the airlines issued a statement saying that, “this behaviour will not be tolerated.”

“What looks like fun in the video is life-threatening,” Swiss spokesperson Michael Pelzer warned.

“The wings of the Boeing 777 are about five metres [16.4 feet] high. A fall from that height onto the hard surface can be devastating.”

According to the New York Post, Mr. Pelzer doubled down, adding that personnel should only ever set foot on a plane’s wings in a catastrophic situation, such as evacuation, as he continued to criticize the employees’ wishful thinking.

Airline executives, including Vice President Martin Knuchel, have called for an end to this sort of nonsense, declaring themselves “angry and disappointed.”

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