Kadai Yaseen Ahamed, India’s Sole Rider in Moto GP Bharat 2023: Was Racing Illegally On the Road

A total of 82 riders from 41 different countries are presently competing in the MotoGP event in Noida, India. Among these skilled racers, kadai Yaseen Ahamed is India’s solitary representative. He is a 25-year-old MotoGp 3 contender from Chennai.

The opportunity to compete among cyclists from all around the world fills Ahamed with enormous pride “It is a matter of great pride for me to race alongside competitors from numerous nations, knowing that I am the sole representative of my homeland. Although my current focus is on MotoGP 3, I aspire to participate in the premier races in the near future.”

He Was Racing Illegally On the Road

Ahamed’s road into professional racing began with a youthful interest in motorbike racing. He began illicit road racing in his city at the age of 15, oblivious to the legal consequences. During this period, a seasoned professional racer saw Ahamed’s talent and encouraged him to seek a career in professional racing in Chennai, which marked the beginning of his professional racing career.

His Parents were disagreeing

However, Ahamed’s family was initially opposed to his intention to pursue bike racing. Bike racing is still a rare sport in India and when Ahamed told his family about his dream, their answers were divided.

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